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Canadian Academy of Natural Health is currently offering Workshops for health professionals. It provides continuing education units for those who working in natural health and wellness services, particularly for immigrant communities in multicultural Canada.

· Admission

The first step of admission to the workshops is the qualification assessment, which includes credential review and experience evaluation. The second step is the reference check. Applicants acceptance by CANHealth is based on the qualification assessment by admission committee.

· Admission Committee

The Admission Committee is formed by members of professors of the CANHealth. They all have PhDs and MDs, teaching and research experience. The committee will review and assess applicants' Canadian and/or international education backgrounds including educational diplomas and certificates, and related working experience.

· Business Registration

The graduates can became a member of Canadian Consilium of Natural Health .

· Qualification Assessment

Participants for workshop will be assessed for qualification based on one of the following:

Health Care Practitioners. Qualified individuals should have Diplomas or certificates and internationalu train as a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), Doctor of Chinese Medicine (DCM), Doctor of Natural Medicine ,and other health and wellness provider .....

Qualified individuals should have graduate certificates from a recognized Bachelor of Science, Master of Science or PhD Program, and show evidence of health and wellness professional related training ....

· Entrance Requirements

Two Reference Letters from qualified health professionals: The letters must clearly state all of the following aspects: relationship with the referees, the referee’s qualification of health care and related professional knowledge, and the referee’s trustworthy, professionalism and work ethics.

Photocopies of relevant Certificates, Diplomas, or Training.

An Application Form (including educational background, work experience, and other training with time,

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