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Welcome to Canadian Academy of Natural Health

From Our President

The Canadian Academy of Natural Health (CANHealth) was established in 2009 providing bridging programs to link immigrant health professionals to job opportunities in multicultural Canadian society. It evolved to today’s continuing education institute with diverse programs for people who are interested in seeking careers in health management, weight management, lifestyle coach, and alternative medicine practitioners. It provides the most relevant knowledge starting with current common health challenges to the latest nutrition science and food medicine so that the graduates can conduct business either independently or in partnership with nutrition product marketers and other healthcare professionals.
Our program has attracted over 500 trainees from different walks of profession. As well-trained nutritional health consultants, they have played a vital role in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic within their respective communities by providing online seminars and one-one consulting. Over 200 health seminars are hosted through different graduates' organizations since February 2020 when the pandemic presented great challenges to our immunity.
Our communities need more people who have health knowledge and warm hearts to help. If you think you can do it, please join us.
 --  Dr. Jian Guan

Our Mission

To help people, particularly immigrant women, registered as nutritional health specialists and social entrepreneurs through training, coaching, mentoring, community mobilization, and business venture.

Our Vision

Seeing our graduates provide nutrition-rich diets at homes, inspire others to live healthy lifestyles, and serve the communities as nutritional health professionals.

Our Programs

We offer the programs of Health Management program, Weight Management Program, Lifestyle Coach... Through the programs of “train the trainers”, “train the mothers”, and “train the women entrepreneurs”, We have changed families one by one for a healthier lifestyle and we inspired many people around us to choose nutrition-rich diets and achieve health in natural ways. Our courses also include ethics and regulations for health care professionals and co-op opportunities. Many graduates start their own businesses as nutrition consultants and professional entrepreneurs.

Our Graduates

Students who graduated from the Canadian Academy of Natural Health will receive a training certificate, register as a Nutritional Health Specialist, and are incorporated in Canadian with a business license to practice as a Canadian Registered Nutritional Health Consultant. Through the training program, they become role models at homes, educators in communities, and professional entrepreneurs in society.

Our Mentors

The professors and alumni from CANHealth are constantly providing their knowledge and expertise in our programs by mentoring our new graduates in clinical practice and entrepreneurship efforts.


Our Volunteers

The graduates from CANHealth are very active in participating in social activities by volunteering their time and expertise to community events. We also engage the second generation through voluntary programs so that they can have opportunities to contribute to civic society and learn to live a healthy lifestyle at a young age.


We Welcome You!

If you are thinking about pursuing a healthy lifestyle, if you are concerned about your family's health, if you are willing to serve your community by spreading the concept of a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle, if you are struggling with your future career, the door of the CANH is opened for you. Let's start a new era of life together, with nutrition and health. We hope that eventually, every family will have a "nutrition professional"!

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