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After Graduates


Taking the nutrition course from CANHealth, we have confidence to apply the knowledge to promote health and wellness. We are not only as registered health professionals, but also as social entrepreneurs. We have set up clinics, established businesses and founded associations.

As a registered nutrition counselor, the founding executive director of Women Creative Club International (WCCI), and a community “do-gooder”, I am advancing and promoting nutritional health discussions among women and girls in the communities, developing health-related programs, like baking with nutrition recipes. With a well-integrated knowledge base, I can help my clients to excel in both health and wellness.  

Christiana, CEO, Women Creative Club International (WCCI)

I was a doctor of Maternity and Child Health, and an IVF doctor in China. I join the nutrition program at CANHealth and at the same time studied at the University of Functional Medicine in the United States. I am a Canadian Registered Nutritional Health Specialist and a US-Certified doctor in functional medicine. After graduation, I founded the Canadian Rejuve Functional Medicine Clinic, and as the founding president of the non-for-profit organization - National Precise Nutrition Medicine. Association.  

Dr. Yingpeng, President, National Precise Nutrition Medicine Association and Canadian Rejuve Functional Medicine Clinic

I graduated from CANHealth at the age of 76 and founded the 108 Health Promotion Association in the same year 2015. The main purpose of the organization is to promote a healthy lifestyle among seniors, to integrate them through group activities, and to improve their longevity with physical and mental health. It organizes many health, recreational and social programs, including nutrition seminars and yoga. In the following video, you will find me dressing in white in the middle.

Bingnan, President, 108 Health Promotion Association


During the study time at CANHealth, we have an assignment for setting up our own virtual clinic. I made it real “Health Wei Lifestyle". Starting in March 2020 the Covid 19 pandemic, I moved my health center online and hosted Zoom Broadcast Seminars. In two years, we have organized about 30 graduates as speakers, broadcasted over 100 seminars, and over 500 people have bee benefited from public education and individual consulting. Together with the senior graduates, as trainers, we have trained the new graduates in professional knowledge as well as presentation skills.  

Wei, Director, Health WEI Lifestyle

Life is precious, health is more priceless! I am sincerely grateful to CANHealth! Due to my health problems, I decided to take the nutrition course. Through several years of study and practice, I have completely changed my health condition, at the same time I have built strong knowledge and skills! What makes me feel so happy is that I have used the knowledge and experience to help my loved ones, especially I helped my mother improve her health condition. She can enjoy her life in her eighties. With the will to help more people to achieve health, I co-founded the Canadian Association of Nutri-Health Education with a mission to educate the public to achieve optimal health and prevention of disease. Through partnering with health professionals, I have been able to help many people to improve their quality of life.  

Yujie, Board Director, Canadian Association of Nutri-Health Education

I studied at the Canadian Academy of Natural Health ten years ago for the sole purpose of getting knowledge to improve the health situation of my family members and myself. Ten years later, not only have I become an exceptionally healthy Cancer survivor but have also simultaneously attained the title of natural health specialist. I have helped many patients fighting for their health challenges and achieved a higher quality of life; I have also participated and hosted two dozen health forums to promote knowledge of health prevention and healthy lifestyles; I have also served as a mentor to provide guidance of post-graduate students in clinical practice. During the Covid-19 pandemic, as a senior wellness care professional, I have organized many Zoom sessions for nutrition education and encouraging entrepreneurs’ practice Combining the rapid development of preventive health and my personal experience fighting with cancer, I will give back to our community as much as it has given to me!

Yan, Board Director, Canadian Association for Cancer Support

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